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Wellness Champions-Service Menu for your

Company, Police, or Fire Department


The Wellness Champions are a group of doctors and health practitioners that are committed to teaching wellness in the workplace. Each educator has a certification number and is listed on this website. The educational format varies based on your company's personal needs. 

These events will stimulate, educate and create a healthier company, which in turn will provide more productivity. A desired goal is to initiate a shift in the mindset, regarding their health, from passive to active. 

Your employees will be given the tools to not only take responsibility for their health, but also create victories in their pursuit of a better life. Let a Wellness Champion start a 'wellness revolution' in your company, no matter how big or small. These services are also offered to Police and Fire Departments. Please read the brief description and choose a format that might best serve your goals:




This is a non-invasive, painless & private test that provides immediate results. The testing is done through a computerized format with Space Foundation Certified Technology. This state-of -the-art technology allows a confidential and categorical read of your stress levels. At-risk individuals can be identified before this results in an illness or injury, that in turn will inevitably lead to low productivity or worse, absenteeism. By making a computerized read, and analyzing the data onsite, solutions can be given to initiate immediate changes. These health recommendations will also be given the correct context to maximize the effectiveness provided. Each participating employee in the stress analysis, will have a follow up recommendation that educates them on how to become more active in their own health. The individual approach will help each person take responsibility for their health first, and give future, proactive answers. The computerized stress analysis usually takes 15 minutes.




These are traditionally done with multiple screenings and many doctors at one time. The number of doctors and screening tests will vary based on the number of employees at each corporate location. A minimum of 100 employees is requested for our 'mini-health fair' format. We can also accommodate Health Fairs in excess of 10,000 employees. While there can be fees associated with this larger format of Health Fair, please use our certificated offer to receive your first event for NO CHARGE, if you book through the certified advisor in your area. These event s are 2 hours long, and are in a fun, music-filled atmosphere, most commonly held outdoors. This energetic, but informative health fair is often done bi-annually.




This is the most frequently requested event. In the traditional 'Lunch and Learn' format any one topic is covered for a full 60 minutes. One of our certified Wellness experts will teach one of our many topics, based on a selection of your choosing. However, do not be fooled by the title as these events are not limited to just lunch. We can accommodate both breakfast and dinner talks as well. Also as an added bonus, the meal is provided at no charge for qualifying audiences and groups.

corp talk.jpg


This is the most requested service, provided based on the unique delivery. Our Docs are Trained to  “Edu-Tain” & create audience interaction. Choose from a number of certified talks with our most popular of 2022 being: S.O.S. (Stress Overload Syndrome)
Others include; “Sleep Insomnia & the Solution”, Paleo for The Millennial (Nutrition Talk) 
“Women’s Health”  based on Female Olympic athletes.  

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Using a variety of special tests, we can collect info that will create a "Teachable Moment".  The info is used immediately to put your employees on a better path on the spot. Best for Large events with other health vendors or see our more popular, "Health By Email Appointment".

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Health By Email Appointment

When your employees read an email, opt-in for a convenient & efficient visit inside your company walls, we can complete an expedited "Health Selfie". When a variety of technology readings we get a "snap-shot" or health selfie of each interested employee. The testing used is flexible available to best fit your needs. We can not only show results, but we can also make immediate recommendations privately. If you provide us a date and the room, we can do the rest. This "Health Selfie" has been extremely popular in the busy workplace. 

"We bring wellness to your workplace & champion the belief that health comes from within"

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