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Dr. Jeffrey Neumann D.C.

Dr. Jeffrey Neumann D.C.

In 2001, I found myself wondering if my life was over. After surviving a devastating motorcycle accident that left me bed ridden, wheelchair bound, and eventually relying on crutches, I was just merely surviving through the unrelenting pain that refused to subside; despite the steady diet of painkillers I was on. Although I had survived the initial accident, I continued to watch my life slip away before my eyes, as recovery never seemed to be within my grasp.

When the fog from the painkillers began to suffocate my life to the point where I had to withdraw from school, I began to wonder if I would ever really get better. Desperate for help and willing to try nearly anything, I begrudgingly made an appointment with a chiropractor that my friend swore could help me. Not believing that a chiropractor could really help with the intensity of my pain - but also understanding that I had nothing left to lose - I walked into the chiropractor's office that day with a glimmer of hope, and an even more skeptical mind.

That decision turned out to be the best one that I have ever made, because after a specific spinal adjustment, the pain that had been plaguing me for months began to fade away.

I walked out of his office that day, and into my new life. Astounded by how the pain-free realignment of my spine had given me back my life, I felt a drive to help others in the same way that I had been helped. Finally able to abandon the pain killers that had been clouding my brain, I reenrolled in school; this time to become a chiropractor myself.

"We bring wellness to your workplace & champion the belief that health comes from within"

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