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Dr. Benjamin Oien

Dr. Benjamin Oien

Dr. Benjamin Oien has served the Sioux Empire community for 15 years. His focus has always been on bringing back normal function for his patients. As a specialist in treating chronic pain. Dr. Oien’s educational passion has led him to become an expert in wellness with a whole body approach, where he teaches patients, corporations, and athletes the 5 pillars of health. With this he is able to get people to start feeling younger and develop more energy in their lives.

Dr. Oien prides himself on being a great educator, whether it’s large corporations, small businesses, or family owned offices. He specializes in health screenings, participates in health fairs, and speaks on health topics to achieve patient’s wellness goals. Dr. Oien excels and enjoys receiving feedback from not only his patients but also Human Resource Departments who see proven results and increased productivity from their employees. He is committed to going above and beyond to provide an exceptional experience to anyone he sees.

When not serving his practice members and community, Dr. Oien can be found enjoying time with his beautiful wife and family. They can be found outdoors staying healthy though camping, hiking, and other sports activities.

"We bring wellness to your workplace & champion the belief that health comes from within"

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