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Dr. Barry Frederick Decker DC

Dr. Barry Frederick Decker DC

All too often it is the doctor who gets all the information about the patients, and the patient gets little information about the doctor and their practice. I would like to change that.

My full name is Barry Frederick Decker. I was born in Victoria, Australia. I graduated from the Philip Institute, a chiropractic college in Melbourne in 1987. I originally was led to be a chiropractor because I wanted to help people. I researched the profession, visited many chiropractors, and experienced their different techniques and saw the benefits for all sorts of complaints. Men and women who became chiropractors were different too. They were passionate, compassionate, generous of time, and spirit, and truly believed that they had a gift for the planet. I remember clearly the day I realized that this is what I was to do.

I have chosen to devote my life to the healing arts because I want people to be free. People should be free from pain, free to express themselves, and free to get on with their passion and purpose in life. I am grateful I was able to do so because my life has never been the same. I have been very blessed to find my purpose in life early and to be given the opportunity to fulfill it. I believe with all my heart in the principal of chiropractic that is, within all living matter there is an intelligence which is innate. Its sole purpose is to express its full potential, i.e. to fulfill our destiny. One of the main interference to this expression is the damage to the nervous system (the primary means of communication). We call this “Subluxation”. My job is to find and correct this interference.

I believe in how I practice and will always strive to improve upon it. I provide an excellent service that meets the needs of our patients. After the great experience that you will receive, I ask you to look around and share this experience with the people you care about and refer them in for a spinal check up, as they deserve to have a healthy nervous system too. People should be free from interference and to live their life how nature intended: with joy, passion, and harmony. The reason I established this clinic in Hong Kong is that I was searching for something different in chiropractic. I was asked to come. I trusted my intuition and here I am.

My mission here is to optimize people’s health so that they are free to live their life to their full potential, which allows them to be happy, vibrant, alive, be in harmony with themselves and others. What seems to make this practice unique is my approach to health and well being. I want the “whole” body to be well and stay well. To achieve this requires a high level of body function, hence I focus on the function of the nervous system by addressing the physical, chemical, and mental/ emotional components.

My promise to you is to always tell you the truth about your level of health (function), to tell you what chiropractic can do and to support you to achieve the health that you want.

Yours sincerely,
Barry F. Decker, DC

B. App, Sci (Chiro)
B. App. Sci (Chem. Phy. Sci)
Dip. NBCE (U.S.A)

"We bring wellness to your workplace & champion the belief that health comes from within"

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