Drs. Ron and Mary Oberstein DC

Drs. Ron and Mary Oberstein have a vision to live in a world where people respect each other, work together for the betterment of man/womankind, and where every individual is committed to being as healthy as they possibly can. 

Both Drs. Ron and Mary are national, as well as international speakers, and pride themselves on being great educators while having their audience learn through laughter and fun. From teaching large corporations as well as smaller companies and offices, Drs. Ron and Mary's passion to teach healthy lifestyle habits is always evident. 

When the doctors are not serving their practice members at Life Chiropractic Center in San Diego, or speaking about optimizing your health and life, they can usually be found enjoying their peaceful home, walking on the beach, adventuring around San Diego/La Jolla together, 

or working in their nonprofit, Hands For Life. When asked what their greatest accomplishments are, they immediately say "Our three daughters, Lauren, Morgan and Sydney." Two of their daughters are Chiropractors; the third is currently in college studying Chiropractic. They have truly created and live as a "Family of Wellness!!" 

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