Drs. Dan and Megan McClimon

Drs. Dan and Megan love serving their community in the Greater Valley Forge area with natural, drug-free health care. Their specialty is Preventative Family Care, as their heartbeat is to help raise healthy children into healthy adults, and to help adults add quality and longevity to their lives. They believe that health is best achieved naturally. They believe that the body was created perfectly, and when given the proper conditions, is capable of healing and thriving more than most are led to believe. The body heals naturally from the Inside-Out. This is the message of Hope that they bring to the companies, schools, churches, and organizations in their community.


Dr. Dan is a native of Northern Chester County. He competed in cross country and track & field at Lehigh University. Dr. Megan is from Okemos, MI. She graduated from the University of Michigan. She holds her 3rd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and was a National Champion at age 15. They both graduated Life University in Marietta, GA, after which they moved back to PA, and opened their Family-Based Chiropractic Practice.


Drs. McClimon greatly enjoy the outdoors, traveling, and time with their family. Their son, Jackson, is their heartbeat, and spends time in the practice on a regular basis. Drs. McClimon are passionate about educating and inspiring their community to lead an abundant, purpose-filled life. They believe that when folks have their health, they are afforded the opportunity to serve others around them in a greater capacity. 

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