Dr. Ryan Zimmer


Hello, My name is Dr. Ryan Zimmer.  My dream began my freshman year of high school during a conversation with my father.  My father was successful with the Berry Company in Dayton and eventually retired as Executive Vice President and Head of Finance.  Our conversation involved my future and career choices, and his advice was own your own business.  I began to think and almost immediately, Dr. Jim Zimmer’s name came to mind.  It was his love for his job, life, and family that I thought of.  I remember thinking this guy doesn’t age.  My focus from that point in my life was chiropractic. After high school, I attended Miami University and obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree and then found myself at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa.  Palmer was the first chiropractic college and the same college that 5 previous Zimmer chiropractors attended.  Zimmer chiropractors have been in Dayton for over 60 years and I feel privileged to continue this tradition.

My vision, Healthier People…Healthier Community…Healthier Planet,  is occurring and growing everyday.  People are taking charge of their health and we are becoming more pro-active instead of re-active.  We aren’t reaching for a pill, with

deadly side effects, right away.  At Synergy Health and Vitality Center we are teaching patients to PREVENT future problems through proper spinal hygiene.

My vision would never be possible without a great team.  Heading my team is my beautiful wife, Tammy.  Her deep faith, incredible work ethic, and unconditional love has allowed me to grow in so many ways.  Springboro High School is truly lucky to have this guidance counselor.  My step-daughter, Michaela, has brought so much joy to my life and has allowed me to continue being a kid.  Ashley, my daughter, truly changed my life.  Thanks for showing me the unexplainable love parents have for children.  And last but certainly not least, Alexis, thanks for showing me that love is infinite.  After a long day of work fulfilling my professional purpose, I enter the house to little girls running at me, screaming DADDY, DADDY.  Their  youthful enthusiam, their hugs and kisses, and their unconditional love makes me want to be the best father I know I can be. I couldn’t imagine any of these supporters not being adjusted in my office.  Chiropractic allows us to be Healtier People and a Healthier Family.

I am committed to being the best in my field.  I continue to grow from seminars, people, and my Bible.  I am the Past President of the Miami Valley Chiropractic Society and still active with the society and was the official chiropractor of the Dayton Bombers professional hockey team.

I am excited to welcome you and your family to my office.  My goal is to establish a long term relationship with you and add a new dimension of health to you and your family.  When you chose me, you chose right!!

Yours in health,

Dr. Ryan Zimmer