Dr. Kale Matovich

I was hit by a car…

My Chiropractic story began long before I knew anything about chiropractic. As a child I was struck by a car while riding my bike. As a result of the many months in hospital and years in recovery I developed a passion for methods of maximizing health. I changed my diet, became interested in exercise and physical fitness and did pretty much everything else I knew of to optimize my health.

Like many people, I didn’t know much about Chiropractic and I felt great, in fact I was competing at a high level in a variety of sports, so I didn’t think I needed to pursue it.

As a university student I experienced a significant health crisis that seemed to come out of the blue. After months of searching for help and no

significant change I eventually went to see a chiropractor.

WOW!! I was amazed at the results. The issue I was dealing with was clearly the result of my injuries sustained many years earlier. Not only did my current issues resolve quickly under chiropractic care, but I felt so much better than I ever had before. Regular chiropractic care continues to be the foundation of my health program.

I was very impressed with the holistic approach to healing that chiropractic embodies, so much so that I realized that my personal health philosophy had put me on the road to becoming a chiropractor long before I realized it. All that was left was to get to school.

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