Dr. Jordan Tanko, BSc, DC

Your health is your most valuable asset. Dr. Tanko lives by this statement. "Without your health you can no longer do the things you love to do. Maybe that's playing sports, spending time with your kids, your family, working toward that new promotion, whatever the case may be, when health is lost, all else follows." 

Dr. Jordan Tanko was born in Minnesota, and studied anatomy and physiology at St. Cloud State University after graduating high school from Cambridge, MN. Dr. Tanko found his passion for helping people achieve a higher level of health through Chiropractic care after his life was saved by a Chiropractor at only 14 years old. 

After graduating from one of the most prestigious Chiropractic Colleges in the nation, Northwestern Health Science University, Dr. Tanko set out to further his understanding in spinal biomechanics and the root cause of one's

health concern at The CLEAR™ Scoliosis Institute in St. Cloud, MN. Specializing in Scoliosis care, the mission in their office is to implement an effective Chiropractic system of Scoliosis to help people worldwide through research and spinal rehabilitation. Dr. Tanko has a passion for teaching others how to live proactively through Chiropractic and lifestyle choices. Dr. Tanko's approach has led him to help many corporations and businesses reduce sick days, increase productivity and slash healthcare costs. By doing this, he has helped not only improve the outcome of the business, but the health of the individual as well. 


On his free time, you can find Dr. Tanko enjoying time with his beautiful wife Emily and their dog Atlas. He also enjoys time on the tennis court and attending local sporting events in the community.