Dr. Christopher Hood DC

Dr. Christopher W. Hood is a 2004 alumni of Life University and is often referred to as South West Florida’s “Premier Health Coach”. Having worked as a design chemist for well know pharmaceutical companies such as Bausch and Lomb and R.P. Scherer, Dr. Hood is an authority on biological chemistry, proper nutrition and natural healing. As a Chiropractor, Dr. Hood’s expertise in structural biomechanics and proper ergonomics has caused numerous businesses and professional organizations to call upon his knowledge in an effort to increase productivity, reduce worker on the job injuries and streamline employee time management. 

Currently practicing with his wife Dr. Danielle Hood in St. Petersburg Florida, they have jointly established one the foremost chiropractic clinics, worldwide. Dr. Hood’s passion and commitment for a nationwide health “revolution” through proper lifestyle modifications and chiropractic care grants him countless local and international speaking engagements yearly. 


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