Dr. Cameron Kmet DC

Dr. Cameron Kmet grew up in Calgary, Canada, where he enjoyed the many recreational opportunities, made available by living amidst the Rocky Mountains. Hiking, biking and downhill skiing where just a few of the many activities that kept Dr. Cameron busy in his youth. 

His introduction to chiropractic occurred while in high school, when he suffered from recurring headaches related to football injuries. After many unsuccessful attempts at alleviating his pain, he stumbled upon chiropractic and he was very thankful that he did. Within just a couple of visits his headaches were almost completely gone and this positive experience is what inspired Dr. Cameron to pursue a career in this field. 

Dr. Cameron completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Calgary and later went on to graduate from the University of Western States in Portland, OR. After graduation, his adventurous nature brought him to Dillingham, AK (sight unseen) where for the next 18 months he experienced the beauty of Bristol Bay. Limited medical resources in the area provided an exciting and varied clinical setting that exposed a young doctor to a wide range of conditions to treat. Fishing, hunting and snow-machining all left him with a passion for Alaska that wouldn't stop. Dr. Cameron went on to practice in Anchorage at a large multi-discipline clinic with both M.D.'s and P.T.'s, which allowed for further clinical growth and experience. Dr. 

Cameron went on to start his own practice in Vancouver, WA where he practiced for five years, but his passion for the outdoors ultimately brought him back to Alaska. 


His appetite for life-long learning has led him to spend hundreds of hours doing advanced training in orthopedics that has allowed him to diagnose and treat patients with a high level of confidence, for a wide range of both spine and non-spine related conditions. As a lecturer, he provides in-depth educational presentations on the benefits of a wellness lifestyle to professional groups, corporations, and community organizations. He speaks on topics such as stress, nutrition, exercise, sleep, women's health and preventative care. 


Dr. Cameron brings a proactive approach to how he cares for his patient's and he is excited to treat and inspire those individuals who want lasting, positive health changes. 

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