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Drs. Jake & Jess Young DC

Drs. Jake & Jess Young DC

A commitment to health and wellness is the greatest investment that a person or a business can make. By reaching full potential through a wellness model, individuals and communities can attain high productivity and success. Drs. Jake and Jess Young believe that making the community healthier results in a higher quality of life for individuals and businesses. As a husband and wife team, Drs. Jake and Jess provide diversity in the wellness community and are able to engage all types of community members.

Drs. Jake and Jess pride themselves on being great educators, having their audience engaged and involved. Whether it’s large corporations, small businesses, or family owned offices, Drs. Jake and Jess are committed to making their wellness experience exceptional.

Operating a premier wellness center in Downtown Iowa City, Drs. Jake and Jess offer cutting edge and scientifically relevant services, nutritional education, on-site personal training, and are the first wellness center in eastern Iowa offering 8 Weeks to Wellness.

When not serving their practice members and community, they can be found enjoying time with their children Bianca and Felix. The family can be found outdoors staying healthy though biking, running, and other sports activities. Their greatest accomplishment is leading by example and having a family that is healthy and active.

"We bring wellness to your workplace & champion the belief that health comes from within"

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