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Dr. Jason Nutche DC

Dr. Jason Nutche DC

Dr. Jason Nutche received his Bachelors degree in Economics from The University of Pittsburgh while completing his pre-med/chiropractic requirements. He then attended Logan College of Chiropractic where he received extensive training not only chiropractic; but also, exercise rehabilitation of spinal and extremity joint injuries, temporal mandibular joint disorders, and Active Release Technique.

Dr. Nutche is a Pennsylvania-licensed, Board Certified Chiropractic Physician and also holds a license in Adjunctive Procedures. He is also an active member of the International Chiropractic Associations Council on Wellness Science. Following a few years of practice in Illinois, Dr. Nutche returned to his home state to practice. From 2006 to 2009 he ran a successful practice in Upper Dublin Township in Montgomery County and in October of 2009 he purchased Snyman Chiropractic Group from Dr. Snyman and will continue the great tradition of Snyman Chiropractic Group that back to 1945.

Dr. Nutche has been an exercise enthusiast since a very young age while training for sports. He soon realized that when he had been adjusted by a chiropractor, he performed much better in the weight room and the field as well as rarely getting sick. This made him realize that chiropractic was much more than pain relief; it was for overall health and performance. He has also realized that the vast majority of patients that come to see him are there because of overall reconditioning of the area in question.

This love of exercise along with his clinical experiences led him to seek out a new and exciting area of chiropractic. He is currently completing his Certified Chiropractic Wellness Practioner (CCWP) certification. This certification was started by Dr. James Chestnut, who was named "Chiropractic Educator of the Year" in 2007. The program centers around the philosophy, "we as humans need to eat, move, and think properly to be healthy." Without proper nutrition, exercise and movement, and a proper mental attitude, you cannot be healthy. Also you will suffer from the diseases of industrialized living becoming ill and not living life to your fullest potential.

Dr. Nutche will be putting this new education and his love of exercise to good use at the Snyman Chiropractic Group. His education led him to the 8 Weeks to Wellness® program, a clinically proven program that will radically change your health in 8 short weeks. It is a complete in-office program that includes chiropractic (of course), nutrition, massage, meditation, and on-site personal training.

He has decided that only treating a person’s pain is not enough. He feels and knows that to truly make a person healthy, we must address all three forms of stress in our everyday lives: Physical, Chemical and Emotional. This new program will not only allow the doctors to find the cause of a person’s stress, but also, take them from a sickness state to a healthy vibrant state of life.

"We bring wellness to your workplace & champion the belief that health comes from within"

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