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Dr. Jason Gestring DC

Dr. Jason Gestring DC

Dr. Jason Gestring is passionate about educating the public on natural ways to achieve health and wellness. He has combined his pro-health philosophy and expertise in wellness to help corporations institute wellness programs. He has spoken widely on topics of stress, nutrition, health & safety, longevity, and more. Dr. Gestring has an enduring charismatic style that receives high praise and he's especially passionate about empowering his audiences to get on a proactive path to wellness so they can create extraordinary lives and reach their true potential. He can measure true health potential with state of the art technology and look for early signs of disease.

Dr. Gestring has a thriving wellness practice in North San Diego County. He is committed to helping his practice members as well as their family's get well and make positive changes to live a healthy lifestyle.

"We bring wellness to your workplace & champion the belief that health comes from within"

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